Pomace discharge

SCREW CONVEYOR This system consists of one or two screws. One screw is installed beneath the pneumatic press and the other one inclined to discharge the pomace after the pressing cycle. Entirely made in AISI 304 and equipped with [...]


Receiving hoppers

GRAPE RECEIVING HOPPERS WITH SCREW The hoppers for receiving grapes represent an essential element for the receiving phase and the beginning of the grape treatment. All models are executed with a solid tubular frame and entirely made in AISI [...]


Selection lines

The selection lines Kappa Selection are the combination of established technologies with the practical winery experience. Merging these two elements in an integrated system enhances the versatility of the single machines and the production exibility. Download technical sheet: [...]


Options for pneumatic presses

A wide range of ancillaries in order to satisfy your requirements about wine-making, efficiency, maintenance and moving your machine. Download the technical sheet: Pulse-Jet automatic washing system F.I.P. Intelligent Program with flow meter Carbonic and Skin contact maceration [...]


Continuous lines

Continuous pressing lines for juice and wine extraction for wine-making or grape juice. Download the technical sheet: QC 620 Florsvin continuous Dejuicer Enotork continuous Screw Presses Download the brochure: QC 620 [...]


Pneumatic presses for Champagne

Horizontal pneumatic presses with open and closed tank, in compliance with regulations of Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC).Download the technical sheet:Slotted tank presses CO 2000-4000-6000-8000Closed tank presses CF 4000-6000-8000-12000Download the brochures:CO-CF 2000-4000-6000-8000-12000 [...]


Vertical hydraulic presses

State-of-the-art technology and design expression for a modern solution based on the best of wine-making tradition. The vertical hydraulic press is composed of a mounting plate and head made of painted steel connected by pressing cylinders. This configuration helps [...]


Slotted tank pneumatic presses

High draining surface horizontal pneumatic presses.A wide range of options and ancillaries complete the solutions in order to satisfy your requirements.Download the technical sheet:Tecnova XZ 15-23-34Tecnova 40-50-65-80Tecnova T11.5-T15-T26Download the brochure:Tecnova XZ 15-23-34Tecnova 40-50-65-80 Tecnova 40-150 [...]


Closed tank pneumatic presses

High draining surface horizontal pneumatic presses with channels mirror-polished.A wide range of options and ancillaries complete the solutions in order to satisfy your requirements. Download the technical sheet: Velvet XZ 15-23-34 Velvet 23-34 Velvet 40-50-65-80 Velvet T11.5-T15-T26-T32-T43-T60-T75 Vertical [...]