Over the years the primary target of DIEMME Enologia S.p.A. has always been the adaptation and the improvement of its inner processing and manufacturing through the achievement of certifications, which prove the efficacy and the quality at customer’s opinion.

This in order to allow to anybody buying our products to feel himself safeguarded about the quality of our processing standards and materials used.

For this reason in 1995 DIEMME Enologia S.p.A. was able to attain successfully the primary target for quality obtaining the certification of the company ISO 9001. In 2018 the company successfully updated the Quality Management System to the new rule ISO9001:2015.

This certification has been issued by ICIM certification authority.

In order to be able to adapt itself to the highest designing and manufacturing standards, since 2004 DIEMME Enologia S.p.A. achieved the certificate approving the global quality system in accordance with Annex III of Directive 2014/68/UE, formulary H, certifying that the quality system applied by DIEMME Enologia S.p.A. to the design, manufacturing, testing and final inspection on its own products are in compliance with the above mentioned Directive.
Therefore starting from that date the company is able to design and produce equipment for pressing under full autonomy.

The certification has been issued by ICIM certification authority with identification n°0425.

Since 2001 DIEMME Enologia S.p.A. has been starting to design and fabricate equipment in compliance with Annex VIII of Directive ATEX 94/9/CE, following what is ruled by the article 8 of the Directive itself.

This type of certification is applied in order to meet customer’s requirements to put the equipment under ATEX environments.

Here you are an example of deposit certificate: